Algebraic Statistics Seminar, Fall 2018/Spring 2019

This is the webpage of the Algebraic Statistics Seminar at Leiden University in the fall of 2018 and the spring of 2019.
Starting October 10th, we meet Wednesdays from 11.00 until 13.00 in room 174 of the Snellius.


10-10Evgeny VerbitskiyProbability Primer Slides Further reading on conditional probabilities: A User's Guide to Measure Theoretic Probability, by
David Pollard.
17-10Ronald van LuijkAlgebra PrimerSlide

24-10Richard GillConditional Independence IVideos
07-11Bas EdixhovenConditional Independence IIVideos
14-11Stéphanie van der PasStatistics PrimerSlides
21-11Amine HadjiExponential Families ISlides

28-11David HolmesExponential Families IIVideos
12-12Erik VisseFisher's Exact TestNotes

23-01Richard GillGraphical ModelsVideos
13-02David HolmesMarkov bases and the relation with toric ideals I
20-02David HolmesMarkov bases and the relation with toric ideals II
27-02Richard GillThe Intersection AxiomSlides


We are following the book Algebraic Statistics by Seth Sullivant, available here.