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General information

  • Semester: Summer semester (April-June) 2019
  • Time: Wednesdays, 11.15-12.45
  • Place: Max Planck Institute, A3 02
  • Lecturer: Paolo Perrone

Topics (so far)

  • Basic concepts: categories, functors, natural transformations
  • Universal properties and the Yoneda lemma
  • Limits and colimits
  • More coming...
The lecture notes (updated weekly) are available at this link.

Recommended textbooks

  • E. Riehl, Category Theory in Context. Available as pdf here.
  • B. Fong and D. Spivak, Seven Sketches in Compositionality. Available as pdf here.
  • F. Borceux, Handbook of Categorical Algebra. Cambridge University Press.

Online resources