Nicolas Perkowski

Welcome to my homepage! I am group leader at Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, funded by DFG via the Heisenberg program. I am also a junior professor on leave at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and you may consult my HU homepage.


In the winter semester 2018/19 (starting October 17th) I offer a lecture on paracontrolled distributions:

Wednesdays 14.10-15.40 in Room A3 01 at the MPI.

Lecture notes.


16.10.18: Motivation, Phi-4 measure, stochastic quantization
23.10.18: Besov spaces, Bernstein inequality, paraproducts
14.11.18: Besov-Kolmogorov criterion, Phi-4-1, Schauder estimates, Phi-4-2 (analytic part)
28.11.18: Wiener chaos, hypercontractivity
05.12.18: Renormalization and stochastic estimates for Phi-4-2
19.12.18: Phi-4-3 and paracontrolled distributions
09.01.19: Paracontrolled Schauder estimates, fixed point iteration
23.01.19: modified paraproduct, parabolic Anderson model with Dirac initial condition
06.02.19: Strong maximum principle, Anderson Hamiltonian, long time behavior of periodic PAM
27.02.19: Nonlinear stochastic wave equations