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W2 Research Group Leader
Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences
Inselstrasse 22
04103 Leipzig, Germany

Main interests:

algebraic combinatorics, algebraic geometry
in particular: homogeneous varieties, polytopes, toric varieties, secants, phylogenetics, tensors

Please consider submitting your very best general work to Collectanea Mathematica! The journal is owned by University of Barcelona and is the oldest mathematical journal in Spain.

Please consider submitting your very best work in algebra to Linear and Multilinear Algebra!

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Would you like to know more about toric geometry of the locus of signatures of rough paths? Then check out this article by Laura Colmenarejo, Francesco Galuppi and myself.

Are you intereted in explicitly constructing the genus three Prym curve associated to a double cover of a genus four curve? Then check out this article by Nils Bruin and Emre Sertoz.

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