Konstantinos Dareiotis

email: konstantinos.dareiotis"at"mis.mpg.de

I am a post-doc at the Max Planck Institute MIS, in Leipzig, in the group of Benjamin Gess.
My research focuses on stochastic analysis and partial differential equations (PDEs).
Currently I am working on degenerate, quasilinear, stochastic partial differential equations (SPDEs)
of porous medium-type and regularization by noise in numerical analysis. I am also interested in stochastic integro-PDEs arising in non-linear filtering of partially
observable processes (of Lévy-type), as well as in stochastic differential equations (SDEs),
PDEs of elliptic and parabolic type related to these SDEs, and their applications (e.g., in finance).

Education and employment


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    Links: journal, arxiv



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