In the first semester 2017/2018 I taught a Master level course on C*-algebras and Representation Theory, together with Tyrone Crisp.

Information, notes and exercises can be found on Blackboard and on a dedicated page on Tyrone's website.

Teaching assistant

As a Ph.D. student in SISSA, I was teaching assistant for the course Istituzioni di Fisica Matematica-Mod A. by Prof. Tanzini (2013-2014 and 2014-2015) and by Prof. Dabrowski (2012-2013), together with Domenico Monaco (2012-2015) and Gherardo Piacitelli (2012-2013).

Solutions to some of the exercises can be found on Domenico Monaco's page.


M.Sc. thesis of Baukje Debets, Properties of Graph C*-algebras in the Cuntz--Krieger, Cuntz--Pimsner and groupoid models (jointly with N. P. Landsman and K. Strung), 2018.