W2 Research Group Leader
Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences
Inselstrasse 22
04103 Leipzig, Germany

Assistant Professor at Polish Academy of Sciences
Sniadeckich 8
00-656 Warsaw, Poland

Main interests:

algebraic combinatorics, algebraic geometry
in particular: homogeneous varieties, polytopes, toric varieties, secants, phylogenetics

Want to know how Coppersmith-Winograd tensors appear in representation theory? Check the new article of Tim Seynnaeve

Want to know more on orthogonal invariants of ternary forms? Check the new article of Paul Goerlach, Evelyne Hubert and Theo Papadopoulo

Want to be able to compute periods of hypersurfaces? See the new article of Emre Sertoz

Want to find out the state of the art in determening tritangents and their contact points to canonical space curves? See the new article by Jonathan Hauenstein, Avinash Kulkarni, Emre Sertoz and Samantha Sherman

Want to be able to compute the image of a polynomial map between varieties? See the new article by Corey Harris, Emre Sertoz and myself.

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