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I am Francesca Arici and I am a part-time researcher and part-time science relation officer at the MPI for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzig.

I completed my Ph.D. in September 2015 at SISSA, Trieste (IT), under the supervision of Giovanni Landi.

After that I was a post doc at IMAPP Nijmegen (NL) in the group of Walter van Suijlekom.

My research interests are in the field of noncommutative geometry and I am interested in its interplay with theoretical physics. At the moment I am investigating lattice gauge theory with operator algebra techniques. I am also interested in index theory and its applications to operator algebras, in particular Cuntz--Pimsner algebras, graph C*-algebras and their K-theory.

A detailed CV can be found here.

Conferences, Workshops and Seminars


Together with Sara Arklint, Elizabeth Gillaspy, and Karen Strung, I am organising the Lorentz Center Workshop Cuntz-Pimsner Crossed Pollination, June 25-29 2018.

Together with K. Courtney and E. Gillaspy, I am organising the second YWC*A (Young Women in C*-Algebras) at Leuven university, August 11-12 2018.


Invited speaker in the NCGOA Spring Institute 2018 "C*-algebras and Dynamics", M√ľnster, Germany. May 2018.

Non-commutative Geometry, Index Theory and Mathematical Physics, MFO Oberwolfach, Germany. July 2018.

WOA, Women in operator algebras, BIRS, Banff, Canada. November 2018.

Thematic program Bivariant K-theory in Geometry and Physics, ESI, Vienna, Austria. November 2018.


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Francesca Arici
MPI for Matheamatics in the Sciences
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